X-12 launch

The X-12 is a supersonic aircraft used by the Venture Family on The Venture Bros.

Description and History

When the Venture Family were introduced, they traveled in the X-1 : an advanced but fairly conventional supersonic aircraft previously owned by Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. After Doctor Thaddeus Venture has settled into a more sedentary existence of running Venture Techno Industries in New York City, he flew the X-12: a supersonic aircraft that resembled a larger version of the SR-12 "Sting" aircraft, modified to carry several passengers and for Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL).

Used for trips to Little Italy and over 23rd Street. Cannot back up. It is a jet.


  • Folding wings
  • VTOL
  • A tape deck for some tunes
  • "Pasghetti" wires
  • Scanners
  • Supersonic speeds capable of shattering nearby skyscraper windows
  • Towing cable

Episode Appearances

Season 6 

Season 7 


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