Wonder Boy II
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voiced by

Patton Oswalt
Real Name

Aliases The Ex-Wonderboy
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown, former sidekick
Nationality American

Compulsive eater
Morbidly obese
Strange and highly specific sexual fetish for danger

Former sidekick to Captain Sunshine (Chuck Scarsdale)

Wonder Boy II is a former sidekick and current therapy attendee on The Venture Bros.


Wonder Boy II first appeared in the episode Self-Medication in Rusty's group therapy session. He was Captain Sunshine's sidekick when he was a kid, but got dropped when he turned 18. The experience of being Wonder Boy left him with an eating disorder and the inability to get an erection unless he is "tied to a a chair with a bomb strapped to [his] chest." He is currently involved in a lawsuit with Sunshine over the rights to the Wonder Boy identity.

Other Wonder Boys

Captain Sunshine

Chuck Scarsdale (now Captain Sunshine) was the original Wonder Boy back in the '60s, when Desmond was Captain Sunshine.

The Third Wonder Boy

The third Wonder Boy was killed by The Monarch via a giant penny. His ashes were sent to Captain Sunshine by Henchman 21 and 24, acting on The Monarch's orders.

The Fourth Wonder Boy (Hank Venture)

Hank was the fourth Wonder Boy for a brief period during the episode Handsome Ransom.

The Fifth Wonder Boy

The fifth (and current) Wonder Boy is seen with Captain Sunshine at Boggles the Clue Clown's funeral in the episode Bot Seeks Bot. He quickly solves the riddle posed by the deceased villain.

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