Wide Wale
The Venture Bros. character
Wide Wale.JPG
Wide Wale at Council of 13 meeting
First appearance

Hostile Makeover
Voiced by

Hal Lublin
Real name

Chester Ong
Occupation Super-Villain
Relatives Douglas Ong (Older brother)
Sirena Ong (Daughter)
April (Wife, deceased)
Unnamed mother
Nationality English or American of English descent

Blowhole on top of head
Very large

Council of 13 (former member turned diplomatic appointee
Crusaders Action League (receives protection money)
Fiends and Family Plan Licensees
The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Rocco and the other Whale Lice

Douglas Ong
The Peril Partnership (formerly bought them off to stay out of Guild territory)

Curtis Sliwa (mostly formerly)
Dr. Venture
Hank Venture
The Monarch

Wide Wale (real name: Chester Ong) is a super-villain based in New York City. He becomes a member of the new Council of 13.



Years ago, Chester Ong and his brother Douglas attempted to find a cure for cancer using cuttlefish DNA. However, an accident occurred which left both brothers horribly mutated, turning Chester into a man-sized whale.

While his brother continued to be a peaceful scientist, Chester instead became a successful super-villain in New York, taking on the name of Wide Wale. He also became a successful business man in his spare time. His base of operations in New York is the penthouse Tophet Tower. He employs a group of henchmen/bodyguards who dress as whale lice, and is aided by his personal assistant Barnacle Badhul.

At some point, he had a daughter named Sirena who appears to have inherited some of his mutations.

As a Council Member

Wide Wale first appears in Hostile Makeover, where he is approached by The Council of 13 to become a new member of their re-formed council. Wide Wale is chosen because of his successful reputation in New York, which the council believes will also be helpful in recruiting other prominent villains into the council's ranks. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is sent to gain his cooperation but he reveals that Phantom Limb has already offered him a position in the Council. When questioned by his guest as to why she is there, he informs her he will accept if he gets full arching rights to Dr. Venture. When Dr. Mrs. The Monarch hesitates (due to her husband's jealously and territorial nature), he asks what's more important: her fear or the Guild. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch ultimately conceded to Wide Wale's demands.

Arching Doctor Venture

In Maybe No Go, he is shown eating seafood at a restaurant while meeting with a member of the Crusaders Action League, Fallen Archer, he is given their protection money but notices it was lighter than usual. He begins to threaten the Crusader until the latter frantically apologizes while stating Dr. Venture refused their services which caused the fee to be small. In response, Wide Wale decided to launch an attack on VenTech Tower only to discover no one or anything was around (except for Sergeant Hatred's voice on an intercom). Wide Wale's henchman soon discover a mask stated by Hatred to be worth a fortune which they decide to take as compensation. Wide Wale and his men leave the building and head back to Wide Wale's lair where the latter is overjoyed at his success of obtaining such an item. He and his second-in-command discover a room full of balloons and to their shock and fear a large polar bear (which had been tranquilized and placed there by Brock Samson and Sergeant Hatred) emerging from the pile and about to attack them.

It is shown that in Faking Miracles that he and his second-in-command survived the polar bear attack. Wide Wale appears at his home where he has been officially inducted into The Council of 13 by the other members. He along with his colleagues then decide to reinstate Dr. Phineas Phage back into the Council. Wide Wale then decides to celebrate this accomplished goal by inviting the other Council members for his daughter's birthday party which is immediately accepted by the others. During the celebration, Wide Wale speaks with Sirena stating he is throwing the party for her and decides to cheer her up by ordering her pizza. He later scolds The Monarch for coming to a party in costume where some of his business partners are attending until Copycat intervenes to help the monarch. When "The Monarch" supposedly invades the Venture's home, Wide Wale remarks that to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch that her husband always has a tendency to disregard GUILD rules.

During Tanks for Nuthin, Wide Wale is eating at his favorite restaurant while appearing at a Council meeting via hologram. He and the other members discussed the death of Haranguetan who according to an internet video was killed by the supposed Blue Morpho. Although the Council are initially unsure of what to believe, Wide Wale informs them he had cameras placed in the VenTech Tower during his previous attack on the building and claims that nothing slips by him, unaware that the waiter serving him his food at that moment is actually Hank Venture.

In A Party for Tarzan, he attends a council meeting where they discuss the Blue Morpho situation. Later at night, he and his visiting council members spot a party at Ventech Tower. Where they spot Dr. Venture causing him to encourage Dr. Mrs. The Monarch to snipe Dr. Venture who they believed was the Blue Morpho (due to Doc wearing the suit after stealing it). When the latter goes through with it, the council celebrate their supposed victory over their defeated enemy. However, it turns out their efforts were for naught as Venture survived (as the suit came with a bullet proof lining) and the council don't try again after Dr. Mrs. The Monarch checks her phone and sees a message from a villain who claims the Blue Morpho kidnapped him. She then reprimands the council for making her attack Dr. Venture for nothing.

In The Rorqual Affair, Wide Wale is confronted by The Blue Morpho who he captures after the latter fails to escape. He then tells Rocco that he hopes that Morpho isn't Monarch and reveals his origins of how he and his brother Douglas were mutated before he threatens his captive who is revealed to be The Monarch who is shocked to learn Dr. Dugong was Wide Wale's brother and how he wants revenge. Wide Wale punches Monarch for what he did to his brother and proceeds to continue doing so. When Hank disguised as a new villain appears, Wide Wale offers him the chance to kill Monarch to prove himself but Henchman 21 stops him and Wide Wale attempts to do it himself.

However, Red Death breaks in with Douglas Ong in tow, leaving Wide Wale shocked to see his brother alive. Douglas revealed his starfish DNA allowed him to grow a new head and he was in hiding provided by the OSI to get away from The Monarch and his brother. Wide Wale hears that their mother knew and he could have learned this already. He tries to lie about his misdeeds but Sirena comes in and gets angry that her father didn't tell her that she had an uncle. Dr. Dugong joins her in her anger. Wide Wale covers for his lie by stating he didn't tell her because of his presumed death.

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