White Noise
"The Venture Bros." character
White Noise
First appearance

Powerless in the Face of Death
Last appearance

Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part I)
Voiced by

Brendan Small
Gender Male
Occupation Villain, former T.V. repairman
Nationality American

Body made of white TV static, white supremacist

the Monarch
White Noise is a minor character from Season 2 of The Venture Bros. He was an associate of The Monarch and fellow inmate of the Supervillain Prison. However, he is ultimately freed only to be hunted down by Phantom Limb and shot.

History Edit

White Noise was once a T.V. repairman, but a TV repair accident left White Noise a being of living T.V. static. Thus, White Noise became a villain.[1]

Powerless in the Face of DeathEdit

White Noise was one of the conspirators planning a breakout of the Monarch. For help, they were to receive important places in the Monarch's new criminal syndicate. An ardent racist, White Noise refused to be a part of any syndicate that allowed people of color. It is unknown whether this enmity included nonhumans, such as King Gorilla.

White Noise gave the Monarch limited assistance in escaping the prison, but Phantom Limb's coercion convinced White Noise to ultimately abandon the Monarch.

Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part I) Edit

White Noise's betrayal of the Monarch was not enough to prevent Phantom Limb's wrath. Phantom Limb commanded Tiny Attorney to push for White Noise and several other prisoners' release. Phantom Limb's seeming act of mercy was merely a way to ensure their capture such that he could hunt them down and shoot them all to death in an effort to intimidate the Monarch. White Noise's arm was blown off by Phantom Limb's gun, and White Noise presumably died shortly thereafter.

References Edit

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