Guild Weather Machine

The weather machine is an advanced superscientific device on The Venture Bros.

History and Description Edit

The weather machine is a technological invention owned by the Guild of Calamitous Intent. It was stolen by the Peril Partnership and used by Guild Stranger S-464 to cause a blizzard over New York City that extended all the way to upstate New York, including Pollepel Island in the Hudson River. The weather machine is propelled by a matrix of eight countra-rotating turbines and gives off diethylene glycol and monomethyl ether exhaust. The weather control effect seems to work via a silver nitrate cloud, a reference to the practice of cloud seeding.

Dr. Venture and Billy Whalen turned off the machine by dropping a Thermal Regulation Suppository into the machine's intake port (or more precisely, Whalen excreting a suppository he had earlier taken).

The machine (and S-464) were taken back by Venture in the X-12.

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