VenTech headquarters in New York.

Venture Techno Industries (VenTech for short) is a large publicly traded company founded by Jonas Venture Jr.


Jonas Venture Jr. founded the company shortly after his departure from Rusty's abdomen. He was able to develop it quickly and successfully, making it worth billions of dollars. VenTech focused mainly on developing cellphones and other consumer technology, most notably the jPhone and the jPad, which are parodies of the real life iPhone and iPad from Apple.

The company was very successful under Jonas Jr.'s control. After JJ's death, his brother Dr. Thaddeus ''Rusty'' Venture inherited the business and took over. Rusty fired all the employees and VenTech began focusing on super science again. Upon Rusty's taking control, VenTech's stocks plummeted almost immediately as the company shifted its focus away from profitable manufacturing and was unable to impress the public and its shareholders. While Dean was able to mitigate the problem by suggesting that the company resume producing consumer electronics while also devoting a division to scientific research and development, Rusty has yet to fully pull the company out of its current financial troubles.


  • VenTech's New York headquarters are located in VenTech Tower, which had previously been Professor Impossible's headquarters at One Impossible Plaza. Prior to that, the building belonged to Jonas Venture Sr. and served as Venture Industries World Headquarters. The building originally was owned by Colonel Lloyd Venture, and was called the Col. Lloyd Venture Millinery & Automata Co. Building.
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