Unnamed Inmate With Beehive Hairstyle
The Venture Bros. character
Beehive Haired Woman 1.jpg
First appearance

Momma's Boys
Voiced by

Gender Female
Occupation Possible villain, otherwise likely none (escaped insane asylum inmate)

Beehive haircut that serves as a bird's net

Myra Brandish
Momma's Boys

Unnamed Inmate With Beehive Hairstyle was a villainous mental patient on The Venture Bros.

Character History[edit | edit source]

This unnamed character was one of the inmates held at Dunwitch Asylum for the Criminally Obsessive. While at the Asylum, she kept several birds lodged in her beehive hair.[1] Like many of the other inmates to appear, she seemingly fell under the influence of Myra Brandish and became a member of her cult, the Momma's Boys.

When Henchman 21 and Hank Venture exposed Myra's lies, the beehive haired inmate broke free of her psychological grip and let her hair down, causing her birds to fly out before she joined in the riot.

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