Tunnel Vision
the Venture Bros. character
Drill Guy
First appearance

Home is Where the Hate is
Voiced by

Hal Lublin
Gender male
Occupation Villain

Drill head and screwdriver/drill arms

The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Previous Alliances

Decoy team

Tunnel Vision is a minor supervillain on The Venture Bros.

Character History Edit

One of the various background characters whose backstory have yet to be revealed, Tunnel Vision is a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent. He was first seen at the party of Sergeant Hatred in Home is Where the Hate Is.

In Hostile Makeover, he is among the villains the new Council of 13 speak to about the death of the Sovereign. Creator commentary for that episode only calls him "Drill Guy" but also reveals he has a name and backstory.

Tunnel Visiion Season 7

Season 7 Redesign

In Season 7, episode 2 The Rorqual Affair, not only does his costume sport a slightly different design, his villain name was also revealed for the first time. He also receives his first spoken role, voiced by Hal Lublin. In the storyline of the episode, he discovers a Blue Morpho lookalike while tunneling Rat Island.

In The Unicorn in Captivity, Tunnel Vision works as part of a team along with CopyCat, Ramburglar, Presto Change-O, Dot Com, and the Monarch to steal Dr. Venture's teleporters from VenTech Tower. Tunnel Vision tunnels the heist team of Ramburglar and Presto Change-O to the vaults beneath VenTech Tower. However, CopyCat only intended to use this team as decoys while he performed his own operation to steal the teleporters on his own. Despite CopyCat's betrayal and Ramburglar's death, Tunnel Vision and Presto Change-O escaped into the sewers with one of the teleporters with the OSI in hot pursuit. Tunnel Vision is last seen telling the others that Brock Samson is hot on their tail before being pulled back into the darkness of a manhole cover. Whether he was killed offscreen or merely incapacitated is not specified.

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