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The Treaty of Tolerance Summit II is an event that occurs in the episode The Inamorata Consequence. The summit represents the renewal of the Treaty of Tolerance determining the proper rules of conduct between the Guild of Calamitous Intent and OSI. It took place on the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Tolerance Summit I. It occurred in (what was left of) the Venture Compound, just as it had been fifty years prior.

Parties Involved[edit | edit source]

The parties gather

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OSI Aggression Envoy[edit | edit source]

Procession of Events[edit | edit source]

The summit negotiations and signings was proceeded by a dinner. With the ringing of three bells, the summit proper began. A debate over how many agents the OSI was afforded to a Level 5 arching gone awry turned into argument, a refusal to compromise, and ultimately petty bickering. Snoopy cited the case of Dr. Deep vs. Furious Red, though Dr. Deep's--an OSI-affiliated protagonist--use of a Level 8 unregistered pulse cannon was ultimately the cause of more contention.

The Pool Fight

After Shore Leave insulted Phantom Limb's bloodline, the traditional "Pool Battle" was initiated. Although Rusty could not find anything allowing this for in the original treaty, it was apparently a tradition organized by Rusty's father Jonas Venture Sr. at the first summit. Due to the ruined condition of the Venture Compound, no active pool for the fight was available. Still, Phantom Limb and Shore Leave took off their shirts, donned inner tubes, and used swim fins as boxing gloves. Shore Leave was the apparent victor, leaving Phantom Limb with a dislocated shoulder.

After would-be negotiations began again, a tiff over protagonist-antagonist relations ("good guy" and "bad guy" as used by Samson Shore Leave) resulted in childish name-calling, yelling, and even pen-throwing. Rusty ultimately quelled the squabbling through a mighty scolding, shaming them for demanding everything they wanted under the guise of wanting fairness instead of compromising and getting some of the things they wanted. When threatened with going home with nothing, both the Guild and OSI representatives pouted and fumed but ultimately signed the treaty Rusty revised from his father's old treaty.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

The Treaty of Tolerance was signed and renewed by both parties. Rusty's diplomacy and oversight was commended by both Snoopy and Red Mantle/Dragoon.

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