The Venture Home News is a mimeographed newsletter written, edited, and published by Dean Venture, detailing daily life at the Venture Compound and news about Venture Industries. It has a tiny but diverse readership amongst the characters on The Venture Bros.

The newsletter generally contains feature articles, advice columns, letters to the editor, word jumbles, comics, and coupons.

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  • Dean Venture refers to himself as "Deany V" in nearly every article.
  • Dean claims that "pictures increase circulation" for the Venture Home News when Hank catches him drawing pictures of Nancy and Drew Quymn in his notebook.[1]
  • Dean boasts that The Venture Home News' subscribers "number well into the teens!"[2]
  • The Venture Home News once featured an article on the Boom-Broom ("Boom-Broom Goes to Washington!")[2]
  • The date on the "Boom-Broom Goes to Washington!" edition is Monday, May 23rd, 2008.[2] That date was actually a Friday.
  • Dean Venture writes an advice column called "Dean's Daily Discourse!"[2]
    • Dean reads aloud an anonymous letter (clearly written by Henchman 21 about his crush on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch) from an advice column titled "Affection Directions":

      I'm in love with my boss' wife. But because my boss is a known killer and private torturer I'm afraid to say something. Signed, G. Viceroy

    • The Monarch then reads aloud Dean's response to G. Viceroy:

      It's a slippery slope you ski, Mr. Viceroy. But yours truly Deany V thinks it's best to march up to her and tell her how you feel. It doesn't matter that she's kinda scary and that her Dad is magic. It's best to make your noble intentions known.

  • Billy with Venture Home News.jpg
    The headline on the front cover of the issue read by Billy Quizboy at the Hank Co. cafe is "DATELINE NEW YORK", referring to Dean's internship at Impossible Industries.[3][4] The back cover headline is "AFFECTION DIRECTION", the anonymous letter written by Henchman 21 about his crush on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.[2]
  • General Treister reads the "DATELINE NEW YORK" issue in his office.[5]
  • Dean uses a mimeograph machine to make his newsletter. The mimeograph was invented in 1887 and fell into disuse in the late 1960s, after photocopiers and offset printing became common. Mimeograph machines were mostly used by schools, churches, and clubs. The copies were best known for the purple ink used to make them, and their distinctive and heavy scent.

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