The Super Gang is a team of superheroes on the Venture Bros. They fight crime together in their superhero guises and cover the news, crime, and sports together as the Channel 5 Action News Team in their mundane identities. Not much has been revealed about them yet as they have appeared only a couple of times in the show.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Barbie-Q/Co-Anchor Barbara Quantas resembles a living Barbie doll covered in flames. She has an Australian accent and is able to pass as human in her mundane identity.
  • Brown Thrasher/Neville Brown covers sports as part of the Action 5 News Team and fights crime as a bird-themed superhero.
  • Captain Sunshine/Co-Anchor Chuck Scarsdale is a solar-powered superhero who grew up as the sidekick to the original Captain Sunshine. His current sidekick is Wonder Boy V.
  • Ghost Robot/Weatherbot 5 covers weather and fights crime as U.S. Steel's sidekick. He is a ghost who lives in the head of a robot and effectively immortal.
  • U.S. Steel/Sam Turgen covers sports. He is a patriotic-themed wrestler superhero whose sidekick is Ghost Robot.

Episode Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Handsome Ransom: The Super Gang is seen in their superhero guises calling upon Captain Sunshine to help them take on a villain named Asbeastos. He refuses, wanting more time with Hank Venture, his current Wonder Boy. Later, the team is shown in their Channel 5 Action News Team guise, to which Captain Sunshine/Chuck Scarsdale briefly joins them in reporting the news before witnessing the Monarch attacking his home and presumably going after Hank Venture. Scarsdale becomes hysterical and steals the Action 5 News Copter, racing home to confront The Monarch.
  • Any Which Way But Zeus: In this episode, Zero dupes Desmond, Captain Sunshine's butler, into helping him kidnap many henchpeople and sidekicks to fight in gladiatorial arena combat. Ghost Robot and Barbie-Q are among those kidnapped. Ghost Robot is seemingly destroyed by Henchman 21. Sunshine and U.S. Steel show up at the end to be reunited with their teammates. U.S. Steel is devastated to see that Ghost Robot is not among the living.
  • Bot Seeks Bot: Ghost Robot attempts to aid the O.S.I. in a sting operation against the Guild of Calamitous Intent by posing as Galacticon to get information from Vendata. (Creator commentary says that Ghost Robot is immortal, being both a ghost and a robot, and therefore did not die in Any Which Way But Zeus.)

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