The Sovereign
The Venture Bros. character
The Sovereign-1
The Sovereign telescreen guise
First appearance

The Trial of the Monarch
Last appearance

All This and Gargantua-2
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch (Sovereign)
James Urbaniak (David Bowie)
Aliases David Bowie (guise)
Jonas Venture Sr. (guise)
Occupation Super-Villain

Can fly when in the shape of an eagle

The Guild of Calamitous Intent
The Council of 13

The Council of 13
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Force Majeure (Deceased)
The Investors (Deceased)
Office of Secret Intelligence
Phantom Limb
of death

Shot by Headshot while in eagle form

The Sovereign was a shapeshifter and the leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent and The Council of 13. He usually communicates with both through telescreen transmissions to hide his identity.


The true identity of The Sovereign is yet to be revealed, but he has many forms and guises. For a long time a handful of people (including The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch) believed him to be the musician David Bowie as he attended Guild functions and events in this guise. However, according to Monstroso he was merely a "talented but down-on-his-luck shapeshifter" who met and formed a friendship with Bowie in 1972; as Monstroso noted, the Sovereign's true appearance was rumored to be either the "creature on the cover of Diamond Dogs" or the "woman beside Bowie on the cover of Pinups".

In his Bowie disguise, he has been known to hire Molotov Cocktease for special missions, and he was at the head of the trivia craze in 1980 or 1981 according to Roy Brisby. At some point, he was a nemesis of Brock Samson over an incident in Berlin. As The Sovereign, he gave orders to Phantom Limb and officiated the villain team-up of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend.

In Pomp and Circuitry, The Sovereign tells Phantom Limb that he gained his position as leader of The Guild by killing his predecessor, Force Majeure.

It is later revealed that The Sovereign made a contract with The Investors in order to become leader of The Guild. Although the contract was unspecified, The Sovereign was terrified of owing his part of the bargain to The Investors and would eventually plot to have them killed before they could collect his debt.

In Arrears in Science, Red Death stated that the Sovereign impersonated SPHINX Commander to trick the OSI into believing that S.P.H.I.N.X. was responsible for the death of Jonas Venture Sr. and the crew members in attendance at the Movie Night massacre on the Gargantua 1 space station, thus launching the Pyramid Wars of 1987 and ensuring the elimination of The Guild's rival organization.

Betrayal and DeathEdit

In the special All This and Gargantua-2, after learning of the OSI's investigations of the Council, he arranged the deaths of all the members (save for Red Mantle, Dragoon, Dr. Z, Dr. Phineas Phage, and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, who escaped). When he was confronted by Dr. Mrs. The Monarch while in the guise of Jonas Venture Sr. he revealed that he had orchestrated a plot to destroy the Gargantua 2 space station in an attempt to kill The Investors. When asked who he really is by Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, he stated "Just some bloke who wanted to be anyone but himself." Leaving her to die in the suite, he flew off in one of his many guises, that of an eagle. At the end of the episode, Headshot accidentally shot an identical eagle out of the sky, right outside The Sovereign's suite. The eagle's dead body fell into the lake, with Shore Leave commenting sarcastically, "Nice!" It is left ambiguous as to whether the eagle was actually The Sovereign, or possibly just a normal eagle. 

In Hostile Makeover, when asked by other villains as to what happened to The Sovereign, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch confirmed his death.

Episode AppearancesEdit



The Creature on the cover of Diamond Dogs

The creature on the cover of Diamond Dogs.

  • It has been stated by Monstroso that The Sovereign may not be the real David Bowie, but a shapeshifter who uses the Bowie form as his main disguise. He also states that The Sovereign's true form and identity may be the creature on the cover of Diamond Dogs. It is later confirmed in All This and Gargantua-2 that The Sovereign is indeed not David Bowie.
  • In All This and Gargantua-2 he took up the form of Jonas Venture Sr. implying he, at least, knows Jonas personally as he did David Bowie in order to know what he looked like.
  • Hostile Makeover, wherein the Sovereign's death was confirmed, aired January 31st, 2016, 21 days after David Bowie's death on January 10th.
  • Following the death of his predecessor Force Majeure, The Sovereign took his outer space headquarters Meteor Majeure as his summer retreat.
  • The Sovereign's face on the screen is similar to the Spirit of the Harvest Moon from Courage the Cowardly Dog, In the episode "The House of Discontent".