Intangible Fancy
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Tag Sale - You're It!
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Occupation Villain

Intangible state
No genitals

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Intangible Fancy is one of the many mysterious villains that comprise The Guild of Calamitous Intent.[1].


By accident, the Intangible Fancy assumed an (at least somewhat) incorporeal state,[2], being made entirely of ectoplasm.[3] Unfortunately for him, during the accident that caused him to become intangible he lost his genitals.[2]

He attended Dr. Venture's Tag Sale and decided to test some of the product on a  poor scientist during the huge commotion that ensued. He was later detained. It is unknown if charges were actually filed (most likely not). He later returned to the Venture Compound to try out to be The Order of the Triad's archenemy.[2]

He was later detained by the Guild and tried for smuggling contraband by the Council of 13. The potential sentence was beheading but, thankfully for him, the proceedings were interrupted by Phantom Limb and his The Revenge Society .[4] This was most likely not his first offense as he seemingly enjoys messing with people, as he did with The Monarch at the tag sale.

He was also invited to the wedding of The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.[5]

He was among the Guild members who attended the meeting at Don Hell's nightclub following the death of The Sovereign and the loss of most of the Council of 13.

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