The Guild was a Gilded Age organization on The Venture Bros. founded to protect and serve humanity's best, not to be "a guild of calamitous intent" (according to member Oscar Wilde.)

Ironically, infighting and factionalism eventually caused the group to devolve into just that in 1910: the current Guild of Calamitous Intent.



A cabal of Guild members had devoted their lives to "perfect and protect" a mysterious artifact known as the Orb, which had been crafted over the centuries by Archimedes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Galileo, and other great minds in history.

Colonel Venture's group eventually came into conflict with a splinter faction of The Guild and had to flee with the Orb aboard a zeppelin whilst being pursued by Nikola Tesla and the Avon Ladies.

The Guild members had different ideas about what to do with the Orb: Colonel Venture and Oscar Wilde both wanted to use it "for the good of mankind," while Fantômas argued that the Guild should be the ones to "decide what is best for mankind." When Crowley tried to seize the Orb for himself, Fantômas and Colonel Venture put aside their differences to throw him out (literally) and then agreed to use the Orb against Tesla.

However, before Colonel Venture could figure out how to work the Orb, Sandow destroyed it, preventing its centuries of carefully-assembled art and science from ever being used, believing it best for humanity. Colonel Venture was irritated at first, but forgave Sandow when he learned that Sandow had mercifully chosen to destroy the Orb instead of following his actual orders to execute Col. Venture. As thanks for sparing his life, Col. Venture promised to keep the incident quiet and repaired the Orb's casing, never revealing that it had been internally damaged. 

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