The Doom Factory is a group of ten of the most ruthlessly self-involved villains on Earth who loosely align forces against the powers of good. They are all sycophantic clingers on to the genius of their leader, Wes Warhammer, and operate from an underwater base in Gowanus Canal, also called Billy Klüver.


They were the latest villains sent to arch Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture as part of Wide Wale's Fiends and Family Plan. The group flew their base to Columbus Circle, casually invaded the top floor of the VenTech Tower, and hosted a surreal party there while robbing Dr. Venture blind. After the Doom Factory departed the building on their flying base, they were killed when their base exploded courtesy of The Blue Morpho.

Members Edit

The members of The Doom Factory are all based on Warhol superstars and Factory hangers-on combined with supervillains from DC Comics.

Capabilities Edit

Henchman 21 looks up Wes Warhammer and his Doom Factory in the Guild of Calamitous Intent Digital Hall of Records. Here are the visible portions of their entries:

  • HEADQUARTERS: The Doom Factory
    • Aquatic resting. Capable of flight for short distances (40 miles with safe return.) The fuel needed for long distance travel can not be stored in the tanks as installed at the present time.
    • Weapons: Level 10-04 (low intensity lasers, 15 antipersonnel heatseeking missiles with veritable payload. Projection of ghost imaging, or pointless files of celebrities, loudspeakers with a 136db capacity.)
    • The Warhammerian HAPPENING: An event based assault on the home, belongings and person of his intended arch. Wracking up huge phone bills, clogging toilets, emptying food stores, etc. The victims are often coerced into shameful or compromising movies and photo-shoots that are later used as blackmail.
    • The Warhammerian INSTALLATION: Smaller than the Happening, the Installation is a makeshift room where tedious collection of found objects [...]

Episode Appearances Edit


  • The Doom Factory are a parody mash-up of the Legion of Doom and the Warhol Superstars (flocking to Andy Warhol's The Factory).
  • Most, if not all, are a combination of the two. e.g. Trashenstein appears to reference Solomon Grundy and Andy Warhol's films Trash (1970) and Flesh for Frankenstein(1973).
  • The Warhol personalities parodied are: Wes Warhammer/Andy Warhol, Frigid/Brigid Berlin, Serpentine/Ondine, Eenie-Meanie/Edie Sedgwick, Gerard the Gorilla/Gerard Malanga, Ultra-Violent/Ultra Violet, Billy Maim/Billy Name, Hard Candy/Candy Darling, Trashenstein/Joe Dalessandro, She-Hemoth/Holly Woodlawn.
  • The Legion of Doom/DC parodies were: Wes Warhammer/Lex Luthor, Frigid/Captain Cold, Serpentine/The Riddler, Black Maria/Black Manta, Gerard the Gorilla/Gorilla Grodd, She-Hemoth/Giganta, Trashenstein/Solomon Grundy, Eenie-Meanie/Bumblebee, Billy Maim/Cheetah, Hard Candy/Bizarro, Ultra-Violent/Star Sapphire.
  • Black Maria/Black Manta represents both Paul Morrissey, a regular filmmaking collaborator and cinematographer for Warhol's films, as well as Warhol's extensive camera collection, including his iconic Polaroid Polavision film camera.
  • Eenie-Meanie's costume is likely both a reference to Edie Sedgewick's well-known striped shirt, as well as the DC Comics member of the Doom Patrol, Bumblebee (who also has the ability to shrink her size).
  • She-Hemoth's growing powers and cheetah costume are a reference to Giganta, who originally wore a cheetah print costume.
  • Billy Maim has claws similar to DC villain Catman, but could also be a reference to Marvel's Wolverine as Billy Name famously wore sunglasses and a striped shirt.
  • Most of Wes Warhammer's dialogue comes from the film I Shot Andy Warhol (1996), though the part about the gold watch comes from The Doors (1991).
  • The Doom Factory boxes are parodies of Warhol's Brillo Boxes.
  • The film of VenTech Tower is a parody of Warhol's Empire (1964).
  • Andy Warhol and Billy Klüver's "Silver Clouds", metallic mylar-balloons filled with helium, are seen in both the Doom Factory headquarters and being filled at the VenTech Tower. Venture discovers his home has been "silverized" in the same style as Billy Name's apartment and Warhol's Factory, with silver paint and foil. There is even a payphone which was present in Warhol's Factory.
  • The silver sombrero-like shape of their headquarters is a reference to a sculpture in the reception area of Andy Warhol's "Factory", as well as a reference to the Legion of Doom headquarters.
  • Jackson Publick did uncredited voices for Frigid and Gerard the Gorilla. Doc Hammer did the grunt for Trashenstein.[1]



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