The teleporters are a pair of linked inventions that allow transport from one device to the other. They were invented by the combined efforts of Dr. Venture, Pete White, and Billy Whalen.

History Edit

With the potential power to upset the global economy, Hunter Gathers and Brock Samson attempted to persuade Venture to scrap the teleporters, employing a powerful virtual reality machine to make Venture believe he would be inducted into the Illuminati if he complied. The attempt was ultimately successful thanks to an orgy in the simulation featuring a virtual Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, but the point was largely rendered moot by the theft of the prototype.

The supervillain CopyCat organized a team of thieves from the Guild of Calamitous Intent to steal the teleporters, although he only intended to use the team as decoys for his own theft attempt. The whole effort went disastrously, and the teleporters ultimately fell into the hands of Henchman 21 and the Monarch, who handily escaped with them before they could be caught by Brock Samson and the OSI.[1]

It is later revealed that the Guild has put the teleporters to good use, as the Council of 13 uses them to travel to Meteor Majeure. A team of Guild operatives use them to teleport to VenTech Tower to capture Dr. Venture. However, the teleporters were also shown to be potentially dangerous for people with cybernetic parts, such as Dr. Phineas Phage, who fell into a coma after entering the teleporters.[2]

Episode AppearancesEdit


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