Nominated for deletion on Wikipedia Edit

Wikipedia is free content, as long as it is attributed, which I did with the reference "Contains content from Wikipedia...etc"

Note that the other articles on the other characters were also deleted, or nominated, and that content can be retrieved from the Adult Swim wikia site, where I added it. I would rather have put it here, really, but this wiki sadly does not come up very early on the Wikia search list; ironically, searching for 'Venture Brothers' brings up Adult Swim, where Orpheus' name gets this wiki. VvAnarchangelvV 18:44, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Alter Dr Orpheus description? Edit

I'm not a member here, but I'd suggest changing/researching Dr. Orpheus' inspiration. He seems to be a pretty direct descendant of Dr. Morpheus from Forbidden Planet, in multiple respects.

YT Forbidden Planet clip 00:48, April 25, 2015 (UTC)unerenarde

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