Steve Summers
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Home Insecurity
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Occupation Former astronaut
Ex-OSI Agent

Red track suit
$6 million worth of cybernetic enhancements

Brock Samson


Steve Summers is a minor recurring character on the series The Venture Bros.


Steve Summers was a former astronaut who was assumed dead when his test ship broke up. He was secretly recovered by the government and rebuilt using $6 million worth of bionic parts, making him stronger, better, faster than he was. The catch was that he had to pay it all back, which takes a very long time on a government salary.

While on a mission he met Sasquatch and the two fell in love. Steve decided never to go back, instead living in seclusion in the forest with Sasquatch as his lover.

While on a camping sabbatical in the episode Home Insecurity, Brock Samson crossed into a restricted area and ran into the two, with Steve on the defensive over suspicions that Brock was sent by the OSI to bring him back. Following a short confrontation Brock recognized Steve, reassuring him that he was friendly and helping them escape the area by shaving Sasquatch and ripping Steve's bionic arm off to make them look like Vietnam veterans. Steve and Sasquatch decided to go up to Canada where Sasquatch has family.

Following his resignation from the OSI, Brock Samson visits Steve Summers and Sasquatch and stays with them while he recovers from surgery. At the end of his stay Sasquatch gives Brock a balaclava he knitted for him as a gift. In exchange Brock gives Steve and Sasquatch a portrait he painted of the two of them as art therapy, which Steve compliments as "beautiful".[1]

Notes Edit

  • Like the original show he's from, Steve is only partially bionic with the parts replaced being his left eye, arm, and legs. This fact was exploited by Brock by kicking Steve in the groin which was still flesh and blood.
  • Steve is one of the very few people to date that Brock can't beat with pure physical strength as he was sent flying by a single punch from Steve and Steve could crush Brocks hand and force him to the ground (it should be noted however that Steve was using his left arm to punch, grapple, and throw Brock which is Steve's bionic arm)
  • Steve and Sasquatch have a cabin they share together in the woods.

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  1. Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
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