Stab Girl
The Venture Bros. character
Stab Girl
First appearance

The Rorqual Affair (first mentioned), Arrears in Science (first actual appearance- flashback)
Voiced by

Cristin Milioti

Avid knife user
Knife-themed jewelry
Cut marks on arms

Guild of Calamitous Intent, Red Death and associates

Jonas Venture Sr.

Stab Girl was a minor supervillain on The Venture Bros.

Character History

Stab Girl was a friend and ally of Red Death and his other villainous associates as of 1987 (Hate-Bit, Mr. Fahrenheit, Laugh Riot, and Vendata). As of that year, their clique thought themselves young and upcoming talent for the Guild of Calamitous Intent. They planned an unsanctioned arch upon Jonas Venture Sr. by infiltrating and hijacking Gargantua 1. Thanks to Vendata's strategic mastery, the villains knew (almost) everybody aboard the space station would be together for Movie Night, where they planned to take over. However, the plan went south when somebody opened the main cargo bay doors, sucking most of the people aboard the Gargantua into the vacuum of space and killing them. Stab Girl was among the death toll.[1][2]

Episode Appearances

Season 7


  • Stab Girl looks similar to the British indie comic book character Tank Girl, created by artist Jamie Hewlett and writer Alan Martin.
  • Stab Girl's physical appearance is similar to punk singer Wendy O. Williams, leader singer of the punk/metal band Plasmatics. The character's name may be a play on the title of Wendy's song "Bad Girl" from her 1986 solo album Kommander of Kaos.
  • She is somewhat similar in appearance and temperament to modern versions of the DC Comics supervillain Harley Quinn.


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