Spiderskull island

Spider-Skull Island is an island that was owned by Jonas Venture Jr where he ran his part of Venture Industries.

The island is recognized as its own sovereign nation. Jonas Junior outlawed smoking cigarettes and alcohol, but legalized marijuana and gay marriage.


The island was originally owned by Scaramantula and used as the base for The Fraternity of Torment until Jonas Venture Sr. and the rest of Team Venture took it over as a base.[1]

Season 1Edit

The island was left in the care of Rusty Venture after his father died and he used it for storing the X-2 when he was not using it. At the end of the season, it was given to Rusty's twin brother Jonas Venture Jr along with the X-2 to make up for consuming him in the womb.[2]

Season 2Edit

Rusty would eventually return to the island to try to steal a part for a machine that his father built, but was discovered by Jonas and The Pirate Captain who decided to help them with finding the remaining parts by giving them the X-2 and XX-1.[3]

Season 3Edit

Spider-Skull Island became the site of the Jonas Venture Jr. Museum of Jonas Venture. It was nearly destroyed by a long-dormant self-destruct device at the grand opening, but Professor Impossible managed to contain the explosion.[1]

Season 6 Edit

Spider-Skull Island was left to Sally Impossible due to J.J.'s passing, as per his will.[4]

Shown in a flashback and comic book depicting the actual event, Jonas Venture Sr. was held captive by Scaramantula on Spider-Skull Island before he was rescued by The Blue Morpho and Kano.[5]


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