First Episode Dia de los Dangerous!
Voiced By Doc Hammer
Profession Henchman
Alliances Fluttering Horde


Speedy was an enthusiastic young Henchman from Dia de los Dangerous. Desperate to earn his wings, Speedy suggested that they kidnap Hank and Dean.


While attempting to kidnap the Venture twins, Brock Samson grabs him by the throat. The other Henchmen were able to take Brock down by firing an extensive amount of tranqilizer darts (and hitting him with a truck). While Brock was knocked out he still wouldn't let go his tight grip around Speedy's neck. The other Henchmen tried to save him but when they realized they couldn't they performed a mercy killing by shooting Speedy with a tranquilizer, his struggling ceased either his windpipe collapsed or he asphyxiated.

He later appears as a ghost (who may or may not be real) in Pinstripes and Poltergeists.

Episode AppearencesEdit