The Snakemen were a henchman group on The Venture Bros.

Group History Edit

The Snakemen (as Brock Samson calls them) or Snake Agents (as referenced in the voice credits for Ice Station - Impossible!) are a fictional group of terrorists and henchpeople. Their leader, Nat King Cobra, is only mentioned and never makes an actual appearance. As one might expect from snake-themed villains, they speak with characteristic lisps.

In the episode Ice Station - Impossible!, the Snakemen have stolen a canister containing the volatile Goliath Serum, a chemical that could potentially alter the physiology of a creature to make it a walking time bomb. Attempting to make a getaway, they were thwarted and massacred by Race Bannon, who took back the Serum and blew up their plane with a grenade. However, the mission cost him his own life. The Serum was later retrieved by Brock Samson.

Episode Appearances Edit

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