The Shadowmen were a team of henchmen for the villain Phantom Limb on The Venture Bros.

Group History Edit

The Monarch met his future wife Dr. Girlfriend while he was henching for Phantom Limb as "Shadowman 9" and she was serving as Limb's Number 2, Queen Etheria. They fell in love and ran away together, pinning their defection on Fraternity of Torment supervillain The Manotaur.

When the Council of 13 held a crucible to determine The Monarch's guilt in arching Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture without a Guild license, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and her husband were able to argue for The Monarch's innocence due to Phantom Limb apparently looking the other way on purpose. After all, they reasoned, would Phantom Limb really believe that a skinny young villain like The Monarch was actually the musclebound but retired Manotaur?

In the post-credit epilogue, it turned out Phantom Limb actually did believe the ruse and consequently killed Manotaur as a result.

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