Ben Nighthorse Campbell
The Venture Bros. character
Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell
First appearance

A Party For Tarzan
Voiced by

Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Politician
Nationality American

United States Senate

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell is a minor character on The Venture Bros.

Character History Edit

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell was in office at the time that Gary Fischer (who would later become known as Henchman 21) was in eighth grade. As part of a class field trip to Washington DC, Gary Fisher was to present the flag to Senator Campbell. However, the ceremony was interrupted by the henchmen of the Monarch.

The Monarch had hoped to kidnap Campbell to force him to sign a law that outlawed the surname Venture. However, the henchmen performed less than stellar research, and Gary Fischer was of large size. Therefore, the Monarch's henchmen kidnapped Gary by mistake instead of Campbell, thinking Gary was the Senator.

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