The Science Now conference is a super-science convention of some prestige held yearly, at least one time in Washington DC and presumably once in New York City.

Dr. Thaddeus Venture was previously banned from the conference for bringing in the Boom-Broom, a vacuum cleaner that leaked radiation--though Venture claimed the vacuum cleaned the radiation back up because of its supposed quality.

After Thaddeus inherited Venture Techno Industries from the late Jonas Venture Jr., Thaddeus was suddenly invited back. He ordered Billy Whalen and Pete White to find something to take to the conference. The best thing they could come up with was God Gas, a hallucinogenic cloud that Thaddeus hoped could be used for mind-control.[1] This plan ultimately fell through after Pete White posted a video of a God-Gassed Billy Whalen on Youtube.[2]

Unlike the U.N. Science Expo, the Science Now conference seems to be more tolerant of devices with violent or unethical applications. In addition to the failed mind-control gas, Dr. Venture proposed turning Segways into military vehicles before learning they were developed by another company already.[1]

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