The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Now Museum-Now You Don't
Voiced by

Toby Huss
Gender Male
Occupation Villain
Nationality Italian

Scaramantula is a spider-themed villain and enemy of the original Team Venture. His base of operations was Spider-Skull Island.

Scaramantula is Italian, and speaks with an accent. He wears a rubber spider carapace over his nose, and has had 4 spider legs tattooed on his face. These combine with his eyebrows and mustache for a total of eight legs. His right hand has 8 fingers and is hairy on the back.

History[edit | edit source]

Scaramantula menaced Team Venture on several occasions in the past. At one point, he captured Jonas Venture Sr., Col. Gentleman, and the Action Man and had them placed in the web of his giant mechanical spider. They were rescued by the Blue Morpho (who subdued Scaramantula) and Kano.

Later, Scaramantula gathered his fellow members of the Fraternity of Torment to gloat over the capture of young Rusty Venture. They did not realize that the group had been infiltrated by a disguised Jonas, who shed his "Dr. Fangdragon" costume to reveal himself and summoned the rest of Team Venture. Scaramantula escaped, and Spider-Skull Island was claimed by Team Venture as their new base.

Many years later, Scaramantula agreed to attend the opening of Jonas Venture Jr's museum on Spider-Skull Island. Scaramantula was reunited with Brainulo (from the Fraternity of Torment) and antagonized the remaining members of Team Venture. When he and Brainulo realized that they could charge money for their autographs, they gloated over the fact that their queue was longer than the heroes'.

Chaos erupted at the museum opening (prompted in part by Brainulo's psychic manipulations) and Spider-Skull Island's long-dormant self-destruct protocol was accidentally re-activated. Scaramantula attempted to disarm the detonator, but was unable to do so. Panicking, he fled with Brainulo.

Scaramantula's current whereabouts are unknown.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]


Scaramantula is suave and generally avuncular. He remained in good physically condition into his later years, which he credited to his active lifestyle.

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