The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Species Robot
Gender Male
Relatives Dr. Z (adoptive father)
Mrs. Z (adoptive mother)
Unnamed creator

Child robot
Eye rays
Flight (including hovering)
Incomprehension of human physiology (thinks dead people can be "reset")
Obsessive hatred of giant robots
Reset button on lower abdomen

Henchman Zero (Deceased)

Ro-Boy is one of the ex-boy adventurers in therapy with Dr. Venture in the episode Self-Medication.


Ro-Boy was created by unnamed scientist and was a "boy adventurer" but abandoned by his creator/father at some point. He began attending therapy to better to cope with some of his issues.


He first appears in the episode Self-Medication as one of the ex-boy adventurers in therapy with Dr. Venture. During the session, the therapist dies and everyone goes to investigate the cause of his death. The investigation leads to them getting into a bar fight at Nightin' Ale's before winding up at the house of Dr. Z, who advises them to leave their past behind and grow up. At the end of the episode, Ro-Boy offers to be adopted by Dr. Z and Mrs. Z after hearing they could not have children. They joyfully embrace him, creating a new family.

In Any Which Way But Zeus, Ro-Boy appears as one of the prisoners held captive by Henchman Zero. After being released by Pete White and Billy Quizboy in a scheme thought up by Henchman 21, Ro-Boy and the other prisoners chase down Zero. They seemingly dispatch him, though Zero reappears in All This and Gargantua-2 (only to be unceremoniously killed for good by Brock Samson).

In The Terminus Mandate, Dr. Z tells Action Johnny that Mrs. Z and Ro-Boy have given their approval for him to come live with them.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • He is a parody of the manga/anime character Astro Boy and the video game character Mega Man.
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