Rick Danger
The Venture Bros. character

First appearance

Tag Sale - You're It!
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Occupation Guild Stranger

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Rick Danger is a minor recurring villain on The Venture Bros.

Character HistoryEdit

Rick Danger has a metal right arm and was previously a henchman. He is currently a Stranger employed by The Guild of Calamitous Intent.

He was one of the Strangers working with Phantom Limb during The Monarch's Trial.

He attended Dr. Venture's Tag Sale, and participated in the huge brawl that ensued - and had a single line "Dick!", a call-out to another villain whom he mistakenly believed intentionally struck him. He was also in the same therapy group as Henchman 21 and Henchman 24 for former henchmen.

He was invited to the wedding of The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

He was seen at Don Hell's nightclub on more than one occasion.

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