Puerto Bahia Map

Map of Puerto Bahia displayed on a jPad

Puerto Bahia, or Puerta Bahia, is a tropical country in Latin America that is facing a communist revolution. A group of abominations have started their own revolution, U.R.G.H., south of the country's capital, Capital City.


After communists started a revolution in Puerta Bahia, the president was sent help from the US in the form of an army of Venturesteins rigged to explode when in proximity to the enemy. However, they soon after disappeared. In reality, the original Venturestein had encountered Jorge, a former child actor from the propaganda films Venturestein had been educated with. Jorge informed Venturestein about his communist revolution and ideology, and Venturestein was profoundly impacted. He established his own revolutionary force bent on liberating all Abominations created by mad scientists worldwide and establishing their own nation, an Abomi-nation, in the jungles and ruins south of Capital City.


Venturestein and the U.R.G.H. flag

In Venture Libre following the disappearance of the Venturesteins, Dr. Venture is called by General Manhowers to handle the situation of the Venturestein insurrection because the warranty was still valid. Given a jPad loaded with C-4 explosives, Team Venture is tasked with bringing the explosives to the enemy and blowing them up. Dr. Venture along with Sergeant Hatred and Hank Venture fly to Puerto Bahia in the X-1, but the plane is brought down and Hank is separated from the Sergeant and Dr. Venture. The latter two are captured, but Hank, hopped up on caffeine from coffee beans, menaces U.R.G.H. as "The Bat" in a fashion similar to Batman.

Worsening conditions are exacerbated by a lack of infrastructure to accommodate immigrant Abominations freed from their masters, and this causes a mob of discontent U.R.G.H followers to come together on Venturestein's figurative doorstep. Karl almost motivates the mob to unseat Venturestein and to kill the Team Venture captives, but murmurs of the Bat motivate the mob to go out into the jungle and hunt him. Meanwhile, Hank as the Bat frees Dr. Venture and Hatred and rushes with them to the beaches of Puerta Bahia. He launches the jPad at their pursuers in the jungles, but it fails to detonate. Cornered by U.R.G.H., Team Venture seems doomed, but the tables are turned when a machine gun-laden spiderbot H.E.L.P.eR. rescues them. Dr. Venture orders H.E.L.P.eR. to destroy the abominations, and it seems that they are about to be destroyed. However, the arrival of boats of Abomination refugees turns the tables again.

Marsha Backwood Undead

Marsha Backwood at the U.N.

Marsha Backwood arrives in a helicopter to negotiate for Dr. Venture's release. She discovers the jPad, and it explodes in her hands. Dr. Venture revives her as one of the Venturesteins, and she represents the Abomin-nation in the United Nations regarding talks on Puerto Bahia.


Puerto Bahia Plantation

Puerto Bahia Coffee Plantation

Puerta Bahia has been shown to be a source of coffee beans.

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