Professor Vibrations
The Venture Bros. character
Professor Vibrations
First appearance

A Party For Tarzan (flashback)
Last appearance

A Party For Tarzan (died)
Voiced by

Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Audio-based hippie super scientist

The Monarch
The Fluttering Horde
Henchman 21
Cause of Death

Professor Vibrations was an audio-based super scientist formerly arched by The Monarch. Vibrations died after he discovered a sixteen-year old Henchman 21, who had just escaped from a battle between The Monarch's Fluttering Horde and Professor Vibrations' army of robots, and spontaneously fell over dead with a smile on his face.

History Edit

In the episode A Party For Tarzan, Henchman 21 recounts how he "got my wings" as a full member of The Monarch's Fluttering Horde at the age of sixteen. The Fluttering Horde were doing battle with the robot forces of Professor Vibrations, whom 21 described as a "hippie creampuff, fought all his battles with robots and some vibrogun thing." He also referred to him as "so lame", but also "nuts".

The sixteen-year old Henchman 21 fled from the battle in terror and accidentally ran directly into Professor Vibrations, who aimed his vibrogun right in young 21's face. Instead of vibrating 21's head off, Vibrations spontaneously fell over dead out of sheer happiness. As way of explanation, 21 notes that two separate kids similarly died of happiness in the early 1980s upon receiving the high score in the arcade game Berserk.

Henchman 21 claimed responsibility for the death of Professor Vibrations and was consequently awarded his wings as a full henchman in the Fluttering Horde.

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