Princess Tinyfeet
The Venture Bros. character
Princess tinyfeet 5244.jpg
First appearance

Showdown at Cremation Creek Part I
Voiced by

Sue Gilad
Species Human
Gender female
Occupation Grows okra
Possible villain
Relatives Sgt. Hatred (ex-husband)
Chief Justice (father) unnamed mother unnamed grandmother
Nationality Native American

Bondage fetish
Grows okra

Scorpio (current lover)

King Gorilla (friend, deceased)
Private Schwa (former lover)

Princess Tinyfeet is a minor recurring villain on The Venture Bros.

Character History[edit | edit source]

Princess Tinyfeet is the ex-wife of Sergeant Hatred. Not much is known about her except for some stereotypical Native American characteristics (such as the way she dresses, referring to corn as "maize", and owning a teepee). She is the daughter of Native American superhero Chief Justice. She also owns a cat, and grows okra.

She is an extreme sexual deviant and has an array of fetishes, mostly revolving around BDSM (which Sergeant Hatred discovers while spying on her bedroom following their breakup). In the events of Operation P.R.O.M., it is revealed by The Monarch that Princess Tinyfeet specifically requested to be bound, gagged, and transported in the trunk of the Monarch-Mobile.

Relationships With Other Characters[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Chief Justice[edit | edit source]

Princess Tinyfeet's father was a Native American crimefighter named Chief Justice. He didn't approve of his daughter's relationship with Sergeant Hatred. He owned a titanium teepee.

Romance[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Hatred[edit | edit source]

Sgt. Hatred is Princess Tinyfeet's ex-husband. Her protagonist father disapproved of the relationship from the start, and when Hatred tried to win him over with a "basket of howdy-do", Chief Justice shot him, prompting Hatred to shoot him in return. In a deleted scene, Hatred mentions that the incident brought the two men together as drinking buddies, although they both subsequently developed alcoholism as a result.

She leaves him in the episode The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together Part I for an unknown reason, which caused Sgt. Hatred to become suicidal. During the time they were separated, Sgt. Hatred took up being the Venture's new bodyguard, while she stayed at their house in Malice. During this time she had a lot of flings, including with some of his ex-henchmen. It's revealed in Self-Medication that Princess Tinyfeet was able to control his pedophilic urges.

In Operation P.R.O.M. they get back together, only to break-up once again after it is revealed in What Color is Your Cleansuit? that she was living with another villain, her new lover Scorpio.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her appearance is based on Mia, the Land O'Lakes butter mascot.
  • She was voiced by Sue Gilad in her first and only speaking appearance, where she spoke a single word ("Maize.")[1]
  • Sgt. Hatred once referred to her as his "Apache flower", indicating that her heritage may be from one of the Apache tribes.[2]

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