Paul Entmann
The Venture Bros. character
"Let's have sex with the us-sized guy."
First appearance

What Goes Down Must Come Up
Last appearance

Now Museum-Now You Don't
Voiced by

Stephen DeStefano
Aliases Humongoloid
Occupation Former superhero

As Humongoloid: Enhanced strength and size
Small: Tiny size enables him to slip into places unseen.

Team Venture
Cause of Death

Crushed by the Action Man's rocking chair

Dr. Paul Entmann is a former colleague and teammate of Jonas Venture Sr.. He was a member of Team Venture under the code-name Humongoloid.


Dr. Entmann gained his gigantic Humongoloid form due to a botched experiment. Dr. Venture (who possibly caused the gigantism) later attempted to shrink him down to ordinary size. The experiment ended up working, in Entmann's words, "a little too well."

After an incident at the compound, ant-sized Entmann was left trapped in a room with the M.U.T.H.E.R. computer mainframe for 30 years until, finally, Brock Samson accidentally stumbled into the room. They were rescued by The Order of the Triad and brought back to the surface.

According to the Action Man, Entmann was the first of the main Team Venture to die (indicating either that Jonas Venture Sr. is still alive or that Action Man is unaware of Jonas' fate). Entmann was accidentally killed by the Action Man in his Boca Raton retirement community when the Action Man sat on Entmann, crushing him.

Entmann's was originally interred at the Action man's retirement home, but his grave was later moved to the Venture Compound. Entmann's funeral was presided over by the Action Man, Colonel Gentleman, and Dr. Rusty Venture who urinate on Entmann's grave (in keeping with Team Venture tradition) to signify the end of life. Dean Venture was then called upon to defecate on the grave and fertilize the ground to signify the beginning of new life.


Unlike his fellow teammates, Entmann was actually one of the more level headed members of Team Venture, usually discouraging his teammates from being brash idiots (mostly The Action Man) and he had no trouble using his giant size to get his point across. Despite that his friends left him behind in the Venture compound, he seemed to hold very little resentment towards his former teammates despite that they basically abandoned him and left him for dead (however this may have been due to his small stature putting him at the mercy of his bigger and stronger peers).

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Season 5


  • Paul Entmann is a parody of the Marvel Comics superhero Hank Pym who was known variously as "Ant Man" and "Giant Man". In What Goes Down Must Come Up, Brock Samson almost compares Entmann to Pym.
  • In a heavy Yiddish accent "Ant Man" sounds very much like "Entmann", very likely why Dr. Entmann was given such an accent.
  • Entmann's Humongoloid persona bore a resemblance to André the Giant, including slurred speech and curly hair.
  • Dr. Entmann's size as Humongoloid is given as being 15' tall as shown on a poster display in the Museum of Jonas Venture on Spider-skull Island.
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