The Orange County Liberation Front (OCLF) is a fictional paramilitary group of suburban terrorists, saboteurs, and vigilantes on The Venture Bros.

Group Description Edit

The Orange County Liberation Front view themselves as a group of everyday people turned freedom fighters in response to increasing encroachment from Roy Brisby's business ventures. The OCLF is based in Orange County, California, from which they derive their orange fruit theme.

The OCLF's major (and only) goals are to free the OC from the grip of Roy Brisby and destroy his Brisbyland theme park. The OCLF is led by Ted and his wife Debbie.

In the episode The Incredible Mr. Brisby, Ted tests out a pair of stolen mind control Bizzy Bee hats on Hank Venture and Dean Venture that urges the boys to "Kill the Bee". The group eventually attacks the Brisby Dome themselves. The ensuing chaos allows the Venture family to escape, with Brock Samson ultimately freeing both of the boys from their murderous mind control spell.

Episode Appearances Edit

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