Night Dick
The Venture Bros. character
Night Dick
First appearance

Hostile Makeover
Voiced by

James Adomian
Aliases Richard Night
Gender Male
Occupation Police Detective (former)
Mercenary superhero
Nationality American
Current Alliances

Crusaders Action League

Night Dick (real name: Richard Night) is a member of the super-hero team, the Crusaders Action League. He wears a fedora and trenchcoat, and rides a motorcycle that can drive up the sides of buildings.

History[edit | edit source]

Police detective Richard Night was a police officer in New York City. One night he was gunned down by the mob and left for dead. He was resurrected by unknown means (possibly supernatural) and became the vigilante known as "Night Dick".

Character[edit | edit source]

Night Dick first encountered the Venture family when he rescued Hank Venture from falling off the side of Tophet Tower, but was annoyed when Hank laughed at his name. He then joined the other members of the CAL on top of VenTech Tower. When the fracas was resolved, he drove off with Stars and Garters on the back of his motorcycle.

Night Dick later met with Dr. Venture at Vincenzo's and provided him with information on Novia, whom Dr. Venture intended to romance despite Night Dick's warnings of her fatal and deceptive character.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Night Dick is very serious about his occupation as a hero. As a result of his untimely end, he has committed himself to justice and protecting the innocent. He seems unaware that his name is a double entendre ("dick" being a colloquial term for both "detective" and "penis") and is sensitive about people laughing at it. It is also not clear if Night Dick is aware of the CAL's ties to Wide Wale and his criminal activities.

Equipment and Paraphernalia[edit | edit source]

  • NightDickBike.jpg
    Night Dick drives a motorcycle with the ability to defy gravity. It also shoots fire from its exhaust pipes, though this does not appear to have any function. The flames may indicate a demonic nature to the motorcycle's ability. The motorcycle is emblazoned with the letters CPRD on the side.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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