New York City is a major city and metropolitan area in the state of New York on the east coast of the United States. Although it was first featured in the pilot episode of the Venture Bros. show the Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, New York City became the main setting for the show from Season 6 onward.

History[edit | edit source]

In the late 19th or early 20th century, Colonel Lloyd Venture built the Col. Lloyd Venture Millinery & Automata Co. Building. In 1907, it was consumed by The Great Venture Millinery Fire of 1907.[1] Many decades later, the site would serve as the grounds for Impossible Industries as Impossible Plaza.

At some point, New York City would host a conflict or series of conflicts between the supervillain/businessman Wide Wale and vigilante/crime activist Curtis Sliwa. However, they eventually found some degree of peace and understanding with each other.[2]

In the Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, the New York headquarters of the United Nations hosted the U.N. Science Expo.

In Twenty Years to Midnight, Team Venture gathered together to construct an object of unknown nature as per instructions left by the late Jonas Venture Sr.. Said object was a dimensional gate, whereupon an alien assuming Jonas' form stepped through and shot the Grand Galactic Inquisitor dead with a laser beam. Before leaving, the unnamed alien told everyone that the Inquisitor would have wiped out all live on Earth.

Following the departure of his wife, Professor Impossible fell into a deep depression and barricaded himself at the top of Impossible Tower. Phantom Limb eventually brought Impossible out of his depression, and they joined forces with Baron Werner Ünderbheit to form a fledgling new organization for villainy, the Revenge Society[3]. The Revenge Society recruited a number of new members[4], but the group relocated to New Jersey[5] after Impossible Tower burnt down[4]. The property upon which it stood eventually came into the hands of Jonas Venture Jr., whom built the VenTech Tower there.

Following Jonas Venture Jr.'s death, Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture inherited VenTech Tower[5] along with Venture Techno Industries and main the Tower his main residence.[6]

Later, New York was plagued by a series of unsanctioned supervillain murders by a vigilante named Blue Morpho. In actuality, the true murderer was his son. Despite their efforts, the Guild of Calamitous Intent never discovered the true identity of the killer. With the death of the first Blue Morpho and the pinning of the crime upon him, the Blue Morpho situation largely resolved itself.[7]

Following the resolution of the Blue Morpho killings, a rogue faction of the Peril Partnership began fighting with the Guild for control over villainy in New York City. This culminated with the theft of the Guild's weather machine by Guild Stranger S-464, a Peril Partnership double agent. S-464 used it to conjure a terrible blizzard over the city at the orders of the Creep. However, the weather machine was shut off and returned by Rusty Venture and Billy Whalen. The Monarch and Henchman 24 infiltrated the Creep's base upstate and saw him killed.[2]

Locations in New York[edit | edit source]

VenTech Tower

Tophet Tower

Dummy Corp

Rat Island

Stuvesant University

Specialty Tailoring


Ye Old Battleaxe

Inhabitants of New York[edit | edit source]

Dean Venture

Hank Venture

Dr. Thaddeus Venture

Brock Samson

Sergeant Hatred

Dr. Byron Orpheus

The Alchemist

Jefferson Twilight

Master Billy Quizboy

Pete White


The Action Man

Colonel Gentleman


Rose Whalen

Stars and Garters

Fallen Archer


Wide Whale

Sirena Ong


Red Death


Brown Widow

Professor Victor Von Helping

Night Dick


Former Inhabitants of New York[edit | edit source]

Professor Impossible

Sally Impossible




Maestro Wave

Rocket Impossible

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr

Blind Rage

The Doom Factory

Colonel Lloyd Venture


Episode Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1

The Terrible Secret Of Turtle Bay

Season 2

Twenty Years To Midnight

Season 4

Pomp & Circuitry

Bright Lights, Dean City

Season 6

Hostile Makeover

Maybe No Go

Faking Miracles

Rapacity in Blue

Tanks for Nuthin'

It Happening One Night

A Party For Tarzan

Red Means Stop

Season 7

The Venture Bros. & The Curse of the Haunted Problem

The Rorqual Affair

Arrears in Science

The High Cost of Loathing

The Bellicose Proxy

The Unicorn in Captivity

The Terminus Mandate

The Forecast Manufacturer

The Saphrax Protocol

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