Nancy Quymn
First appearance

Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman
Voiced by

Nina Hellman
Occupation Teenage Adventurer
Relatives Dr. Quymn (mother)
Drew Quymn (twin sister)
Mz. Quymn (grandmother)

Nancy Quymn is the daughter of Dr. Quymn and twin sister of Drew Quymn.


In contrast to her energetic sister, Nancy is more reserved and serious.


She appeared in the episode Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman where she and her family encountered the Venture Family.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Drew QuymnEdit

Is Nancy's twin sister, the two are very close acting as counterparts to the Venture brothers. They both developed a crush on Dean and competed with each other until deciding to share him but he showed no interest in them and both were put off by him being uncircumcised.

Dr. QuymnEdit

Is Nancy's mother, Dr. Quymn loves her daughters as she was worried about their safety.


Is the family bodyguard, she often tries to teach the girls (similar to how Brock teaches the venture boys) and the girls sometimes go to her for advice on romance.


Dean VentureEdit

In Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman Nancy and her sister Drew develop a crush on Dean, however Dean is uninterested. After some bickering with her sister about who would get him they decide to share him. In their attempts however they end up nearly raping him.

Episode AppearancesEdit