Mrs. Z
First Episode Self-Medication
Voiced By Seth Green
Relatives Dr. Z (husband)
Ro-Boy (adoptive son)

Mrs. Z is the wife of Dr. Z and the adoptive mother of Ro-Boy.


Mrs. Z is older than Dr. Z. The two married late in life and although happy they were unable to have children.


Mrs. Z is introduced to the therapy group by her husband Dr. Z. She cooks food for their guests and as her husband talks he reveals that his wife is older than him and they have enjoyed a quiet life since his retirement from villainy. He then notes that despite their happiness they were unable to have children. Ro-Boy offers to become part of their family, which elates them, and the three share a hug.

In The Terminus Mandate, Dr. Z tells Action Johnny that Mrs. Z and Ro-Boy have given their approval for him to come live with them.

Trivia Edit

  • When Dr. Z explains his infertility as the reason he and his wife were unable to conceive children, Mrs. Z claims "I thought it was because I was your beard", implying Mrs. Z was only covering for Dr. Z's implied homosexuality. Later episodes imply this was actually a joke on Mrs. Z's part, as Dr. Z was shown having sex with a woman (despite the fact this was actually The Blue Morpho in disguise, unknown to Dr. Z.)

Episode AppearancesEdit

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