Mentalist Villain With Purple Cape
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Home is Where the Hate is
Gender Male
Occupation Supervillain

Purple cape

Brimstone Assembly
The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Mentalist Villain With Purple Cape is an as-yet unnamed recurring background character on The Venture Bros.

Character History

One of the various background characters whose name and backstory have yet to be revealed, this villain was first seen at Sergeant Hatred's house party in Home is Where the Hate is. He also seems to have some sort of occult power, as he was seen among the members of the Brimstone Assembly in A Very Venture Halloween.

The creator commentary for Home is Where the Hate is says that he is a mentalist villain and a friend of Sergeant Hatred's. The show creators had originally created a scene where this character, Hatred, and the Egoist went riding around Malice in Hatred's jeep. Hatred was originally imagined to hang out mostly with mentalists and psychics, as Hatred himself had a limited but fallible precognition. However, this aspect of the Hatred character was abandoned.

Episode Appearances

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Season 6


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