Maybe Man
The Venture Bros. character
Maybe Man.jpg
"Ummm, maaaayyybe."
First appearance

Momma's Boys
Voiced by

John Hodgman
Gender Male
Occupation None (patient in an insane asylum)

Answers questions and requests with "Maybe"
Expression of coy deliberation

Momma's Boys

Maybe Man was a villainous mental patient on The Venture Bros.

Character History[edit | edit source]

Maybe Man was one of the patients held at Dunwitch Asylum. Like many inside, he fell under Myra Brandish's sway as one of her Momma's Boys, though he only answered her questions and requests with a maybe.[1] When she asked him to put Dean Venture inside her womb so that she could give birth to him and be his only mother, Maybe Man characteristically replied "Ummm, maaaayyybe."

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