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Manolo, on the job
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Hostile Makeover
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Hal Lublin
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Tri-State Renovations

Manolo (last name unknown) is a senior-level employee (or possibly the owner) of Tri-State Renovations, the company hired by the Monarch to complete the repairs, renovations, and landscaping of his dilapidated childhood home in New Jersey.

Manolo is apparently an older man of Latin-American descent. He is slightly heavyset, and has grey hair and a black mustache.


When Tri-State Renovations was contracted to renovate The Monarch's home, Manolo oversaw the rest of the crew. He seemingly did not speak English, and therefore only spoke to Henchman 21 (who spoke some basic Spanish) and not The Monarch (who did not). Manolo agreed to drive The Monarch and Henchman 21 to New York City in the company van so they could conduct reconnaissance on VenTech Tower. While the van was parked on the street, the super-hero Warriana fell on it, crushing the roof in. The van was still drive-able, and Manolo used it to transport the villains back home.

Later, Manolo discovered the secret lair of The Blue Morpho under The Monarch's house. He alerted The Monarch, who was only temporarily annoyed to learn that Manolo had been pretending not to speak English.

Later, The Monarch attempted to get Manolo's advice about how he should react to the revelation that his father had been a costumed adventurer, but Manolo offered little in the way of insight.

Personality and Abilities

The Monarch credited Manolo with being wise, though Manolo seems to be a simple working man. The Monarch later stated that he suspected Manolo of over-charging him, though Henchman 21 responded that Manolo does good work.

Manolo is a high-level employee of Tri-State Renovations, as he has the authority to send the other workers home and use the company van as he sees fit. This may indicate that he is the owner of the company, but this has not been explicitly stated.

Manolo apparently has some skill as an automobile mechanic, as he was able to get the Blue Morpho's long-dormant car running.

Episode Appearances

Season 6

Season 7

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