the Venture Bros. character
First appearance

the Incredible Mr. Brisby
Voiced by

Charles Parnell
Gender Male
Occupation Bodyguard, servant

Usually pretends to be mute, knockout cigarettes

Roy Brisby (Employer)

Mandalay is the bodyguard and servant of Roy Brisby on the television series The Venture Bros.

History Edit

Prior to meeting Brock Samson and The Venture Family in the episode The Incredible Mr. Brisby, Mandalay personally served Roy Brisby, the creator of the Bizzy Bee cartoon character and the owner of Brisbyland. When the Ventures arrived at Brisbyland in the X-1, Mandalay met them and took them to meet his employer. As Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture met with Brisby, Mandalay offered a cigarette outside. After negotiations broke down, Brisby ordered Li-Li to subdue and capture Dr. Venture. Brock heard the commotion and tried to intervene, but he succumbed to the incapacitating effects of the drugged cigarette given to him by Mandalay.

After the Orange County Liberation Front invaded Brisby Dome and chaos broke out, Mandalay confronted Samson. Having witnessed Samson's nonchalant brutality (particularly toward Dr. Venture), Mandalay broke his silence and said he didn't need this job, then fled the scene.

In Now Museum-Now You Don't, he appears at Jonas Venture Jr.'s celebration on Spider-Skull Island. In the Season 3 deleted scenes, Mr. Brisby also appears, perhaps signifying Mandalay had kept (or regained) his job.

Appearances Edit

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