Mafioso Art Enthusiast
The Venture Bros. character
Mafiaso Art Enthusiast.jpg
First appearance

Victor. Echo. November.
Last appearance

Victor. Echo. November.
Voiced by

James Urbaniak
Species Human
Gender Male

Preoccupation with the Mona Lisa

The Mafia
Cause of Death

Phantom Limb's "killer hands"

Appearing only in Victor. Echo. November., this unnamed character (referred to only as "Mafioso Art Enthusiast" in the voice credits) wanted to buy the Mona Lisa from Phantom Limb. Limb could not sell him that portrait, instead trying to pass onto him Rembrandt painting. The sale was interrupted by Dr. Girlfriend, whom took Phantom Limb to the side to speak with him about the banal nature of his evil. Limb overreacted and killed his customer in an angry demonstration of "evil", only worsening the situation and getting blood on his precious carpet.

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