The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Red Means Stop
Voiced by

Gender female
Occupation None (child)
Relatives Carol (maternal grandmother)
Kate (mother)
Red Death (father)
Nationality American

Preoccupation with marmalade sandwiches and galoshes after seeing Paddington Bear

Lila is the young daughter of the supervillain Red Death and his wife Kate. When seen on the playground in Red Means Stop, she stomps another child's sand castle to pieces, causing the other child to cry. This in turn prompts Red Death to remark to the Monarch that Lila takes after her father. Later in the episode, the Monarch and Henchman 21 dupe Kate to take Lila to Carol's house for the night as part of a ruse to get Red Death to sign away his arching rights to Dr. Venture. The plan fails as Red Death intimidates the Monarch into revealing the truth, upon which Red Death calls Carol's house and notifies Kate everything is all right.

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