Leslie Cohen
First Episode Past Tense
Voiced By Lisa Hammer

Leslie Cohen was a college student and went to the same university as Rusty Venture and Pete White. Though she's clearly an object of obsession for the late Mike Sorayama, she's not really seen save for flashback memories.


Leslie Cohen is a girl that Rusty Venture, Pete White, Baron Ünderbheit, Brock Samson and Mike Sorayama went to college with. Mike was her tutor, and psychologically overvalued her as a love interest. When she slept with Brock, Mike thought that Dr. Venture did. Mike spent the rest of his life preoccupied by her, even going so far as to create "Leslie-Bots", and program a robot of himself to posthumously kidnap his former college friends to punish them for ruining his chances with her. Its heavily hinted that Mike was obsessed with Leslie. During his somewhat villain monologue, Dr. Venture inquired why didn't he just call her like a sane person.

Mike (later revealed his robot), revealed that Leslie had a restraining order on him. Most likely, Leslie rejected him at whatever time in the past he attempted to contact her before his death.

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