Dean becomes Lee-Hun-Took

The Lee-Hun-Took is a legendary savior figure who emerged from the hasty mythology of the children of Palaemon on The Venture Bros. He was briefly embodied by Dean Venture.


In What Color is Your Cleansuit?, the Lee-Hun-Took was a messianic savior figure of legend among the children of Palaemon that would deliver them from strife. (That a savior mythology could arise as quickly as a few months was due to State University nerds being confined together in closed spaces and mutated, creating a situation worthy of a "Syfy Channel original movie" - in the words of Tommy - in the blink of an eye.)

Thalia pushed Dean Venture to take up that role by challenging Martin for leadership of the mutants. Dean won the contests and assumed the mental of Lee-Hun-Took. However, Thalia revealed this role did not prevent them from grasping dominion over the world, just ruling in a more enlightened fashion. Although Dean might have objected, the offer of Thalia's love was enough to make him go along with it.

All traces of the Children of Palaemon were wiped out due to a confluence of gene purifying monarch butterflies cooked up by Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and Dr. Paolo Salazar (which likely wiped out the mutations) and narcotics cooked up by Dr. Rusty Venture (which wiped out the interns' memory of the entire thing.)

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