Lady-Hawk Johnson
First Episode Bright Lights, Dean City
Voiced By Mia Barron
Profession Super Villain
Characteristics Hawk by night, human by day.
Alliances The Revenge Society
Relatives Lyndon-Bee (husband)


Lady-Hawk Johnson, along with her husband Lyndon-Bee audition to be part of "The Revenge Society" and get the job. Her power is that while she is a hawk by night, her husband is a bee by day. She is an obvious parody of Lady Bird Johnson. The relationship is also a parody of the 1985 film Ladyhawke, in which two lovers are cursed so that the girl is a hawk by day while the boy is a wolf by night.

While Lady-Hawk and Lyndon-Bee aided the Revenge Society at the end of Bright Lights, Dean City, the impractical nature of their super-powers did not earn them a permanent place on the team.

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