Killer Drone
The Venture Bros. character
Killer Drone Screen Arrears in science.jpg
Killer Drone as depicted on Blue Morpho's Crime Computer
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Arrears in Science (Screen only)
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Gender male
Occupation Supervillain

Darts shot from tail

Blue Morpho

Killer Drone was a bee-theme villain in the 1970s who was an enemy of The Blue Morpho.[1] He had a bee-themed costume that could shoot darts out of the tail. Enzo served as his costumer.[2]

In The Bellicose Proxy, Pete White rents Killer Drone's old costume from Enzo for an arching with Augustus St. Cloud, though White fails to get the tail to fire.

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  • Killer Drone is likely a parody of the Batman villain Killer Moth, who may also have inspired the design for some of The Monarch's earlier costumes.

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