The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Red Means Stop
Voiced by

Cristin Milioti
Gender female
Occupation Unspecified
Relatives Carol (mother)
Red Death (husband)
Lila (daughter)
Nationality American

Happy marriage with Red Death

Kate is a minor character from The Venture Bros. episode Red Means Stop.

Character History

Kate is the attractive suburban wife of the supervillain Red Death. Together they have a daughter, Lila.

In the episode Red Means Stop, she is seen talking to her husband about his impending villainy. They share some sweet talk before he goes out and leaves him dinner in the fridge, and a snack for the trip. Later on, The Monarch and Henchman 21 dupe Kate into taking Lila to her mother Carol's house for the night as part of a ruse to get Red Death to sign away his arching rights to Dr. Venture. The plan fails as Red Death intimidates The Monarch into revealing the truth, upon which Red Death calls Carol's house and notifies Kate that everything is all right and he'll pick her up later.

During The Rorqual Affair, Red Death agrees to help save The Monarch if he is given a seat on the The Council of 13. He mentions that Kate has been trying to get him to retire from active villainy and the spot on the council will help compromise it since it has a pension plan.

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