The Venture Bros. character
Jorje Adult
Jorge as an adult
First appearance

¡Viva los Muertos!
Voiced by

Paul Boocock
Occupation Revolutionary
former child laborer

Venturestein (taught the exploitation of the proletariat)

Everyday Joe and the World Trade Order

United States armed forces

Jorge is a twice-appearing minor character from the Venture Bros.. He was indirectly responsible for inspiring Venturestein in creating U.R.G.H..

Character HistoryEdit

In ¡Viva los Muertos!, Venturestein was presented with a pro-forced/child labor propaganda film Learning With Everyday Joe: Alternative Labor Forces while in the learning bed. This film featured Jorge as a young boy enjoying forced child labor at a shoe factory.

In Venture Libre, Venturestein along with several other reanimated undead had been sold to the United States army, and they were sent out to Central America with orders to destroy the revolutionaries there. It was here Venturestein spotted and recognized a now-adult Jorge, who he was inspired to save from the mission. Jorge was very scared to be hugged by an undead abomination but soon got over it as he was able to speak with him. Through his talks with Jorge, Venturestein was taught about the exploitation of the proletariat, all of which motivated Venturestein to quit the army to go out into the jungle with the remaining abominations. Through his journey in the jungles of Central America, Venturestein saved many tortured abominations and founded his own "abomi-nation", U.R.G.H..

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