The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Victor. Echo. November.
Voiced by

Nina Hellman
Aliases Jollyrancher82
Jollyrancher82 is a character who appeared in a single episode of The Venture Bros.

Character HistoryEdit

Jollyrancher82 is a young girl whom The Monarch met on "The Livejournal". She thought that he was into cosplay, not realizing that he was really a supervillain and "The Monarch" was his professional name.

They met at a restaurant for a double date with Dr. Girlfriend and Phantom Limb, in order to make Sheila jealous. Halfway through the date, however, she left in tears due to The Monarch's crass inconsiderateness toward her and lunatic ravings at Dr. Girlfriend and Phantom Limb.

Episode AppearancesEdit